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Sell more with video surveys

Create video surveys to boost the re-engagement of your customers
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Video Surveys designed to re-engage

Simple yet effective. Record with your phone & share the survey anywhere you want.

Create short
video questions

Record a short video with you asking the question. Build the personal relationship.

Define simple answers

Along with the question come the answers. Define as many as you want and let your audience answer easily.

Share it wherever your customers are

Embed the video survey wherever you need it. Social Media, Onboarding Emails, "Thank you" email.

Wrap up the survey with the Call to Action

Make sure your customers re-engage with your eCommerce by linking to your shop or offering a promo code.

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No more boring emails. Videos made easy.

No more boring emails. Videos made easy.

Make sure your emails are read by your customers. People are tired with boring newsletters. ViQuestion lets you create engaging video content in minutes! Making sure that your customers read your message.

Interaction first. Call to action – second.

After giving an answer in a video survey you are able to create customized "Thank you" page which, for example, contains a promo code for your customer. There are many ways to say thank you!

Engaging the customers of ecommerce shops built on:

Work In Progress Our pricing

We've tailored our paid plan to match the needs of every e-commerce; at any size. It's going to be announced as soon as we are ready for a public release!

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