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  • Smart Video Surveys for better engagement
  • Visual builder for survey logic
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Your new hires don't want another boring cold-message. Create a videosurvey instead—and make HR outreach human again.

Increase in the average candidate response rate.

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Our idea

More engaging & more
human HR outreach

It's 2022, time to get creative in how you
reach out to potential candidates

Combine a survey with a video

Surveys and questionnaires are more engaging and exciting if you combine them with a personalized video.

your candidates

In the times when everyone is bombarded with job offerings, an exciting format that STANDS OUT might be a game-changer.

Get a higher
response rate

No one likes unread emails and ignored Linkedin messages. Let's boost your response rates.

How it works

Hire anyone in the
world in 4 steps

Record a short
personalized video

Choose the LinkedIn profile of the candidate you’d like to communicate with. Launch the ViQuestion browser extension, choose the premade survey template and hit “Record a video” button

Your video’s ready?

Send it to the chosen candidate

Once you are done copy the generated survey link and paste it to the message you’d like to write to the cadidate. The survey link leads to an individual landing page with your video message.

Build a connection

Prompt them
to take action

The landing page consists of a simple video player and your company logo. While the video stops playing the candidate gets to choose if he/she wants to learn more about the company.

Track responses

Expect the response rate
to skyrocket

In your dashboard you are able to track the process of the survey and see if it was seen, watched and responded by a candidate!

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ViQuestion for yourself

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ViQuestion visual survey editor

Quickly design the entire journey
map for your candidates

Build templates in minutes

Our visual editor helps you create templates that can be later used in your outreach campaigns. You can build multistep surveys with dynamic and static elements.

Create journey paths

Thanks to the visual aspect of the editor, it's really easy to draw a logic between the different steps.

Save as survey template

Once you are done, you save your project and it's ready to use as a template for any future surveys. When sending a survey to a candidate, you are editing only the fields that you defined as dynamic ones.

Meet the authors

You better get to know us!

Glad to see you here! Let's meet and chat about how you could use ViQuestion in your daily work.

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  • All the Basic plan features
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We are in the early phase of user testing, and therefore, we are reserving the right to change the pricing in the upcoming months.

ViQuestion is under rapid development

There is more folks!

If you want to learn more about the product or future updates, feel free to reach out to us. Let's talk!
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